Bespoke Building Envelopes

»We’ve never done anything like this before!«

If you only knew how often we’ve uttered this sentence. It reverberates around the corridors nearly every day. Because none of the big-name projects we work on is like any other.

And that is precisely where our expertise lies:
consistently fulfilling the individual wishes of architects and engineers with tailor-made solutions – fully in keeping with the slogan


And you can rest assured that we will find the best solution to any problem.
The result: technically accomplished facade and roof constructions with unique features.

Our Projects

Roschmann Group

From a local glazier’s workshop to global player in facade design and engineering, the history of our traditional company is both impressive and significant.

Find out more about the Roschmann Group “today, yesterday and tomorrow” and get to know our friendly team.

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Our Expertise

We are:
versatile | expert | creative
efficient | precise | interested
reliable | personal | exact
punctual | adaptable | flexible

Our work is:
innovative | detailed | high quality
exclusive | pioneering | individual
sophisticated | coordinated | characterful


Your Options

It doesn’t matter where you come from, only where you are going! What are your goals? We will help you achieve them.

Carve out your future with us by applying for one of our vacancies today or sending us a speculative application for your dream job.

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