Innovation. Design engineering. Consultancy.

Are you wanting to erect a memorial, but unable to find suitable stone?
Do you want to fly high, but without overstepping the mark?
Are you looking to innovate, but lack sparking ideas?


We know what’s what, find solutions, create new concepts and hit the nail on the head.


This means that…

…we focus on what we can do: bespoke and innovative design engineering solutions for your facades and roofs. From consultancy, development and planning through fabrication and installation to commissioning and maintenance, we pool our expertise to provide you with all that is required to fulfill your architectural wishes all the way from the rendering to the finished structure.


Take a look at our project developments and how we approach our work to see our expertise for yourself.




Filigree powerhouse.

Hard as steel is more than a saying. Steel is the strongman of facade engineering. With filigree profiles, its composition facilitates the highest level of transparency.

Carolin Roschmann

Steel is resistant and tough and has great hardness. Thanks to its special alloy, however, steel is also exceptionally easy to form and treat. That’s what makes steel so valuable to us. Its strength makes it absolutely ideal for supporting structures, yet it has a delicate, filigree appearance. Not least because we make our own steel, we are able to achieve maximum transparency. You can rely on its strength just like we always have.


Project Development Steel


Highly transparent.

At least for us.

Glass is defined as a “translucent, easily breakable material”. And yet glass is an unbelievably strong material if used correctly in construction. Glass is often underestimated because of its transparent appearance. Our in-house glass production and know-how acquired over many years have shown us just what glass is capable of! Let us show you this fascinating, transparent world!


Project Development Glass


There's nothing lighter.

Aluminum may be a light metal, but its impressive material properties make it a real winner: high corrosion resistance, long lifespan, easy to work with and yet flexible at the same time. What more could you want?

That’s a question we ask ourselves. And that’s why our in-house aluminum production is perfectly attuned to the material. See our special aluminum structures for yourself and prepare to be impressed.


Project Development Aluminum

Sheet metal

With corners and edges.

Or without?

Whether with corners and edges or without, whether lasered, punched or welded – our ultra-modern machining centers equip us ideally to provide you with precision machined metal sheets for facades of superior quality. The fact that the thinly rolled metals can be formed into a variety of shapes works to our advantage. Sheet metal has surprisingly good electrical conductivity and durability. Long may we prevent fender benders!


Project Development Sheet Metal

Glass fiber reinforced plastic

Robust, rust-free, resistant.

A facade construction with GFRP? Never heard of it?

Then think again. Because glass fiber reinforced plastic is not only robust, rust-free and resistant and therefore ideally suited to outdoor use, it is also characterized by high strength, excellent insulating properties and dimensional stability. This makes GFRP an ideal material for load-bearing lightweight constructions. We’re sure of it – how about you?


Project Development GFRP


Natural and enduring.

We’re never stumped for ideas when it comes to constructing with timber.

If used correctly and with plenty of know-how, wood’s combination of high compressive strength and elasticity makes it ideal for facade design and engineering. The attractive appearance of this natural material and its good performance in terms of indoor climate make it particularly appealing for innovative building envelopes. We’re on the right track with wood. Let us show you how.


Project Development Timber


We help you stay up to date!

And if someone’s throwing stones while living in a glass house or the building is simply showing the ravages of time, we can transform the old into the new. Refurbishments during ongoing operation with smooth logistics and no restrictions – this is what we stand for.

Whether a roof, facade or complete building envelope, we will bring you up to date.


Project Development Refurbishments

And there's more...

The imagination knows no bounds.

Nothing for you here? Do you want something never seen before, something unique and fascinating?

Then you’ve come to the right place. Our creed is “If it doesn’t fit, we make it fit”, so we’re always there for you. We love challenges and enjoy being in uncharted territory.  Our team is on hand with help and advice for you. This is how we create something new together – entirely in accordance with your wishes and ideas.

Feel free to contact us!

Our certifications & memberships

We guarantee the highest quality for you!

Quality is a top priority for us. Not only are we certified to DIN ISO 9001 standards and thus able to guarantee high quality along the whole value added chain, but our memberships and other certifications also prove that we have the expertise to move with the times. We can guarantee that our performance will meet your requirements.

We pay particular attention to sustainability in our work and are therefore a proud member of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB).