Project Development Aluminum

Example: Klimahaus Bremerhaven 8° Ost
(Climate House Bremerhaven 8° East)


The design by AGN Architekten simulates a ship in its silhouette, lying on the banks of the Weser on the edge of the city center. The vertical high-rise behind it looks like the ship’s bridge of the horizontal building with its organic form.

The Climate House introduces visitors to the world of climate all along the eighth degree of longitude and is a striking feature on the Weser in Bremerhaven.


Planning & design

The scale-like glass shell is made of color-coated insulating glass units and single glazing units and was secured to the primary steel structure by means of an aluminum frame construction designed for this building.

The individual glass elements are glued into specially developed aluminum support profiles. A free arrangement of scales and the possibility of a three-dimensional free-form surface was achieved by using an articulated fixing system.

The geometry of the glass shell required 3,800 panes of glass in differing shapes and sizes on a facade with a surface area of 8,000 m².

The result was a new and unique facade system with panes of glass glued onto aluminum frames.


Component tests & material tests

Individual approval was obtained by complying with the following requirements and conditions, which were drawn up by the responsible agency:

  • Load-bearing glass-adhesive joints
  • Sealant failure must be identified promptly and clearly
  • Certification of usability of the SSG construction by a recognized authority
  • Maintenance plan to ensure damage to bonded joints is detected promptly

These criteria were met during a component inspection.



Any panes of glass of differing angles and sizes were cut and glued to the prefabricated frame elements. The bonding of the aluminum frames was monitored by a third party.



A tiered facade scaffold following the free form of the building was used for the installation. The individual prefabricated and preglazed aluminum frame elements were lifted into place by a crane and affixed to the steelwork of the building by means of mounting parts.



A maintenance plan was drawn up in conformity with the approval process. This specifies the measures required on a regular basis and the intervals.