Project status

Liebherr Customer Center

Ochsenhausen, Germany

A new customer center with an unusual facade concept was erected for Liebherr Hausgeräte GmbH at its production facility in Ochsenhausen. Visitors can get up close to the current fridge and freezer product range over an area of almost 38,000 square feet. In addition to the 3,465-square foot showroom, new workshops as well as conference, training and event rooms have been constructed. The new building combines contemporary architecture and an appealing look with the efficient and innovative design of the office floors.

The outer appearance of the building is dominated by a glass shell executed in the form of a double glass facade in which the fridges and freezers are impressively presented in a shadow box principle. The products are exhibited in 36 display cases forming part of the facade and located across the entire area in a fixed pattern from the second floor. The display cases project out of the plane surface and are set in slim, double-shelled metal frames. The double glass facade is triple-glazed on the inside, with a second, open skin consisting of laminated safety glass having a decorative screen printing grid on the outside. At night the display cases are illuminated, turning the facade into a spectacular eye-catcher for the customer center.