Project status

Brown University
Lindemann Performing Arts Center

Rhode Island, USA

Brown University’s Lindemann Performing Arts Center is designed to inspire innovative artmaking and enable a new kind of artistic collaboration with an one-of-a-kind approach to spatial, technical and acoustic flexibility for artists from around the world, as well as Brown University students.

The interior of the state-of-the-art Performing Arts Center was designed to convert into five different stage configurations. To allow the space to be reconfigured accordingly, the stage and audience area is divided into individual segments that can be hydraulically moved vertically and automatically hidden beneath the floor. In addition, hydraulic bridges are installed on all sides of the interior, which can be moved back and forth horizontally by hand.  Roschmann installed a total of 72 straight and curved glass panels on these bridges. The statics and the glass structure had to be adapted so that they could absorb the movement of the bridges and the accompanying vibrations.

Roschmann is responsible for a total of seven different facade types in this project. The two main facade types that first catch the eye when looking at the building are the anodized vertical aluminum extrusions and the glass element facade.

The nearly 19-meter-high sheet metal facade above the glass elements was divided into 4 sections and each extrusion was hung individually on site. The focus of the production was, among other things, the quality control of the anodized sheets, so that an even facade appearance, without color differences, could be guaranteed.

The glazing for the 4.3m tall element facade includes two different coating campaigns and especially for the partial chrome coating, a high-quality control standard had to be implemented.