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Buffalo AKG Art Museum

Buffalo, NY, USA

The Buffalo AKG Art Museum is a vibrant museum in the heart of Buffalo’s cultural district, collecting and exhibiting art since 1862. This makes the museum one of the oldest museums dedicated to the art of our time, and the sixth oldest public art institution in the United States.

The new Gundlach Building, with translucent glass curtain walls, offers 30,000 square feet of exhibition space. The walls were constructed with a cutting-edge pressure-equalized dual-sealed technology that precisely integrates all perimeter conditions and connections to adjacent constructions. The new structure has an octagonal plan and rises three stories, its sloping walls softly converging into a compressed pyramid-shaped skylight.

The John J. Albright Bridge, a glass-walled structure that links the Gundlach Building with the rest of the campus, was designed in such a way as to create an ADA-compliant slope while also avoiding the historic grove of oak trees.