Project status

Harvard University
Smith Campus Center

Cambridge, MA, United States

The Smith Campus Center, originally an administrative building of Harvard University, is one of the main meeting and gathering points across the whole Harvard campus once it has been extensively renovated. Centrally located in Harvard Square, it accommodates visitor centers and exhibition areas, as well as numerous restaurants.

Apart from work to upgrade the existing main facade, the focus was on the creation of new, inviting areas in each entrance lobby. Flexible, transparent spaces were created by protruding steel and glass facades and roof constructions on the first two levels and a glazed atrium in the interior. The individually designed steel and stainless steel profiles for the roof and facade structures were configured to meet the requirements of the highest AESS category and an SG (Structural Glazing) system was used. Sustainability was of paramount importance in the overall planning of the new building areas and utilization concept, and this also applied to the facade design and engineering.