Project status

Málaga Airport
Terminal 3

Málaga, Spain

Málaga Airport is situated in an area prone to earthquakes, between the Mediterranean and the Sierra Nevada mountains, and is the main airport for the tourist areas on the Costa del Sol.

The new terminal comprises a shade-giving roof made from countless pyramids resting on symmetrically arranged Y- supports. As a result, the glazed shell is discreetly reduced, sleek and transparent. Stainless steel ropes are tensioned vertically above a height of 81 feet and at a spacing of 6 feet. In front of this rope level hangs the glazing, attached to the roof by stainless steel tension rods. Stainless steel cast arms form the connection between the glazing and the supporting construction of vertical ropes. The glazing is attached to the joint crossings at various points, using specially developed glazing brackets. Strong movements of the facade due to wind and possible earthquakes need to be compensated. These parameters were integrated in the design of these glazing brackets.