Project status

Parking Garage Q16
with energy center in Neckarpark

Stuttgart, Germany

The new Q16 multi-storey car park and energy centre in Neckarpark provides car and bike parking for the residents of the Neckarpark district and ensures a supply of heat for the new quarter.

The building’s facade, which is distinctive even from a distance thanks to its, different elevations and an exterior steel structure made of diamond-shaped steel girders, forms the supporting structure and the building’s envelope. A variety of requirements were made off the building’s facade, including sound insulation, natural ventilation, load transfer and facade greening. The north side shimmers in various shades of green over its entire surface, the shape and arrangement of the printed glass panesreminiscent of scaly skin. The individual glass panes are printed with a dot pattern in various shades of green and arranged in a diagonally overlapping pattern. The arrangement of the individual glass panes allows natural ventilation of the building with fresh air. The glass scale facade thus ensures natural ventilation and sound insulation from the adjacent development.