Project status

Fonds Regional d‘Art Contemporain (FRAC)

Marseilles, France

As one of the two European Capitals of Culture 2013, Marseilles graced itself with numerous new buildings for art and culture. Not far from the harbor, the FRAC art center (Regional Fund for Contemporary Art) was erected as a new building for collecting and exhibiting art. The aim of the new building was to create a building that feels open and transparent and in which the public space is seamlessly continued.

The art center is enclosed by a double-skin facade, with the outer skin being made from hand-enameled white glass panels that have the appearance of white, free-floating leaves. The glass elements are attached to a steel sub-construction using undercut anchors at varying angles and heights. The shimmering layer of glass is intended to blur the dimensions and contours of the building and remove the boundaries between interior and exterior.