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Hilton Columbus Downtown Hotel
Michael B. Coleman Sky Bridge

Columbus, OH, United States

The 98-foot clear span pedestrian bridge connects the new Hilton Columbus Downtown Hotel with the Greater Columbus Convention Center.

The bridge construction comprises a main supporting tube with a 4-foot diameter and a wall thickness of 1.2 inches, rolled and fully welded using steel sheets. The entire structure of the facades and floor is suspended from this supporting tube. The hanging ribs, made from assembled sharp-edged sheet steel, serve simultaneously as a supporting element for the toggle insulating glazing executed for a structural glazing look. The walkway, suspended from the ribs, is fully glazed. The special floor covering for the bridge comprises a non-slip, satin-finished laminated safety glass which has been etched to the architect’s specifications.

Assembly of the bridge presented a unique spectacle: fully pre-assembled on the ground, the bridge was raised into position using two 500 t mobile cranes while the road was blocked off.

Roschmann’s involvement as part of the project team was recognized in August 2015 with the IDEAS² Award for Excellence. The highly prestigious IDEAS² Award is the highest honor conferred on construction schemes by the U.S. structural steel industry.

(IDEAS² stands for: Innovative Design in Engineering and Architecture with Structural Steel)



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