Project status

Haus der Geschichte
der Bundesrepublik Deutschland

Bonn, Germany

The three leaky arched glass roofs with a total surface area of around 32310 square feet and the six gabled roofs which together span the exhibition halls of the museum at the Haus der Geschichte der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (German National Museum of Contemporary History) in Bonn were fully refurbished.

The existing steel supporting structure was preserved, whilst the glass retaining and sealing system, glass elements, panel elements, SHE systems and edge connections were renewed. Double screen printed triple insulated glazing and cast glass were utilized. Apart from site facilities, the job included adding substrate to adjoining flat roofs and renewing the lighting protection systems and building maintenance units on the glass roofs. There had to be no disruption to the (albeit limited) museum operations. Leak tightness, fire protection and safety arrangements had to be handled with the utmost care during the construction phase, as some valuable exhibits remained in the halls.



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